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Ricardo came to us extremely well prepared. Not only was he already an expert higher education administrator with 20+ years of experience… he started out as his own ideal client. He knows what it means to be a first-generation college graduate and the opportunities that higher education can provide for a lifetime.

Within his career, he cultivated entrepreneurial skills by developing new programs, creating strategic partnerships with universities and finally, driving continuous growth in enrollment and retention by cultivating in-depth, data-driven knowledge about student demographics and enrollment trends. 

For the GPS website, we took his varied skillset and packaged it into different counseling offerings. We designed his logo to represent his name - GPS (Global Positioning for Success) to speak to an international audience. He’s ready to take on the world! And incorporated his custom photography and content to align with the needs of high school students and their parents.

Ricardo is already thinking about giving back and creating opportunity. The Elidia F. Ortegón College Grant was created to help first-generation and underrepresented students get access to higher education and is named in honor of Ricardo’s mother. This is the epitome of a Brand of Conviction. We’re honored to be a part of it.

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