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Stephanie Mitchell is a personal trainer specializing in women’s fitness. We worked with her to create her brand story and build a modern website that clearly communicates her training services and qualifications.


We started Stephanie’s website with her story. She has an impressive and deep background in health and wellness and is really transparent about her past and present struggles. It was important that through the content, we convey not only her expertise but her personality. Also important and is still evolving is HOW TO BUY her services. We wrote the H1’s, (headlines) H2’s (benefits) and the services as packages. This enables her to fine-tune her offers as she evolves. We coupled the content with playful icons that emphasize the tone and sync in nicely with the typography.


The logo for Stephanie Mitchell Fitness was based on our discussion during the Power Plan. Stephanie is a super bubbly southern girl who LOVES circles and pink. She also gave us insight into what motivates her. She’d taken a story brand test and the results were Lover › individuals are most fulfilled by building relationships. Naturally appreciative, passionate and committed, they enjoy creating consensus and motivating others to see and utilize their own special gifts. They're usually excited and challenged by opportunities to enjoy the richness and fullness of life.

We incorporated the pink circle with her initials using a curvy, art deco-inspired typeface which had the M curving symmetrically on either side - perfect to place a heart right in the center because heart is what’s at the center of everything Stephanie does. We kept it simple so she could put it on walls, stickers, t-shirts, hats and all her social media channels!


For SMF we chose deep and soft pinks to convey femininity and excitement because our client loves pink and it is aligned to her target market of millennial women. The deep purple-gray represents balance and sophistication and the oyster communicates neutrality.

We chose Parisine Plus Std, a playful fancy san serif typeface with many varieties. SMF business is fitness which means a lot of up close and personal moments that can be frankly, uncomfortable-especially when first starting out. Parisine expresses friendliness and honesty. We loved the expressive descenders of the lower case “f” because there are a lot of f’s in a FITNESS website that is all about FEISTINESS and FUN!

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We worked with Stephanie to create her brand and website that clearly communicates her services to her ideal clients and how to purchase them!


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